Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wow- it's July already!

Bonjour Toute le Monde,
So this week was pretty awesome.  We got to teach so many lessons, which made it so awesome.  I think one of my favorite lessons this week was with a guy named Akakpo.  He has one limb arm, but it really doesn't stop him.  We had this awesome lesson about the Plan of Salvation.  It went really good except at the beginning i said I think everyone has wondered where we came from before we were on earth.  Then he said well I've never wondered that.  There was an akward pause and then i just kept going.  After that though it was really awesome.  He says he going to ask God if our church is true, which will be awesome if he does.  Also this week we have another ami commit to be baptized.  She has a bunch of friends who recently joined the church, so it makes it so much easier for her.  It a big testimony builder of the importance of recent convert having a friend in the church.  It was pretty neat when we asked her to be baptized, she was really confident like she really had a desire to do it. 
This week it has rained so much.  I think it has rained everyday, for usually a few hours.  It has been kind of crazy the amount of rain.  I think here we have got more rain in one week than St George gets in a whole year.  Its kind of fun though because we don't really get rain back home.  Also this week Essie has progressed a lot.  Before she wasn't really open to us about her life.  This time she told us about her life and how hard it was and how she started reading the book of Mormon.  She seems to be really changing her life.  It was crazy to see how much the gospel can change one's life. 
Also this week i had this crazy lesson with a new ami named Peter and his friend Piere(which is Peter in french i know its pretty funny)  Peter speaks both french and English.  I was on an exchange with Elder Kazadi who is from the Congo.  We had this crazy good lesson on the nature of God.  Good thing Elder Kazadi is practically a scriptorian.  It seems like he know both the Bible and Book of Mormon by heart.  It was a really good lesson and we are going to teach he again.  We have had a lot of new amis this week.  Also a bunch of people just stop us on the street.  It kind of just proves how ready people are for the gospel.  Yeah lately we haven't even really had to do contacting. I like contacting but teaching lessons are really better.  This week also i have noticed that my french might actually be improving.  I'm not quite sure how, its kind of a testimony builder of the gift of tongues.  Not nessacry that I've had this miraclous experience where i can speak perfect french, but just that i seem to be improving faster than i ever thought i could. 
This week has just been awesome, there are so many stories I could tell.  Like we had this great lesson with one of Elder Muamba's old amis.  His name is Boris.  He used to be a private eye.  He is really smart and dissects everything we give him.  This week we started talking about the fall of Adam and how we all have the ability to choose.  He thought he was so great and agreed with everything we said.  You can tell sometimes that the Lord has prepared people before you get there.  For example, sometimes Boris says thing or asked questions that follow exactly in line with what we are teaching or sometimes things we haven't even taught yet. 
There was also an ami named Edgard who seems to be really progressing.  We had a lesson on the book of Mormon. My companion told me i needed to lead the discussion.  It actually went really well.  It did help that he was so excited that he read all 3 pamphlets we gave him and part of the Book of Mormon.  It seems really interested hopefully we can start teaching his whole family.
Also this week kind has been the week of prayer.  We taught a bunch of lessons on prayer.  We had a great one with Ignace about and we even heard him pray for the first time.  It was pretty neat.
This week i haven't eat anything really weird, i think?  I don't know i found out a few days a go i had been eating dog.  The elders in the apartment didn't even tell me.  It didn't taste that good, it has a lot of fat to it.  We did eat at a recent convert house on Sunday.  She made this huge platter of Spaghetti, fish and hard-boiled eggs.  It was huge.  It kind of cool here often times meals are served in just one bier or bowl and everyone eats out of it.  I kind of like it.
Well everything is going well here. 
Je vous aime beaucoup,
Elder Corey Samuel Kimzey

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