Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bonjour toute le monde,
This week was kind of a crazy one.  I guess its the first week of vacation for some of the kids so we had a lot of rendez-vous fall through.  Although, the rendez-vous we had were really good.  And also this week we are planning on having 2 baptism(Sidonie and Antonie)  Which will be awesome. 
One lesson that really well this week is Micheal's.  He was the guy that randomly stopped us on the street.  We taught the third lesson.  You could tell he had the realization that he really needed to figure out for himself it was true or not because if it was true it need to get baptized.  I thought that was pretty cool to see.
Also this week I worked a little with Elder Kazadi because his companion was sick.  He is crazy and speaks like 5 languages fluently.  We went and taught Essie.  She said she had been doing what we had said(reading the book of mormon, etc), but she hadn't received her answer.  Although she felt like she would receive her answer soon.  She really wants to find out the truth.  I hope next time she has found her answer.  Although, i can already see her changing even if she can't.  Before she was skeptic of everything.  Now she seems frustrated that she doesn't know how to do everything we ask her.  It great to see the change in her life, and i hope she sees it too.
Boris(the detective)  We had a great lesson about the end of the plan of salvation.  He said he might of had a dream about it.  He explained it to us.  It crazy, but its not very uncommon here.  I think its because there are tons of people who are very spiritual.  We talked to him about how he needed to be baptised.  He agreed but he wanted to keep studying to now for sure.  You can sometimes just tell people have been prepared for a long time.  I think Boris is one of those people.
Also this week i had my testimony in the importance of members.  This week we taught Sidonie about the law of Chasity.  I thought before had that it might be a little hard because she has a child and she not married and she doesn't know french as well as most, but we had member with us.  The member explained the who thing in Ewe.  We just bore testimony and committed her to follow it.  It was awesome.  She has really progressed too.  So i hope she continue as she gets baptized this week.
Today for p-day was way fun.  Elder Owsu put together an activity for all the missionaries of Togo to go play soccer, volleyball, and basketball at the University.  We didn't have as many Elders as we thought so we decide just to play soccer.  We end up playing against a bunch of college guy who i guess had been playing together for awhile. I was actually surprised how well we played.  We were actually winning 1 to 0.  Then i think we started getting tired because it was in the sand.  I think we lost 4 to 1.  Not bad for a bunch of missionaries against an actual team.  It was great too because we got to give them our number if they wanted to take the lessons.
I attached some pictures i thought you would think were funny.  Everyone always talks about doing laundry by hand so i took a picture of what that looks like.

I also took a picture of what kids do for fun here.  They take old tires and try to keep them rolling with a stick.

 The other one is just kind of silly, but today I saw this little girl pretending to sell things, so she put all of her "items for sale" on her head.  Her little brother followed with a rock on top of his head.  I thought it was pretty cute.

 Although the best little kid experience happened this week.  We were walking to a rendez-vous and this little girl runs up to me yelling"Yovo yovo" I picked her up and kind of twirled her around.  Then a bunch of kids thought it would be fun too.  So I kept having kids run up to me.  My companion and I were laughing pretty hard.
Je vous aime,
Elder Kimzey

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