Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Almost 5 months!

Bonjour tout le monde,
I'm doing really good here.(sorry jojo- we'll blame this on losing his english!)  I have had a really good week.  We have a new investigator that i think is really progressing well.  Her name is chantal.  A recent member from another branch gave her number to us.  I guess they are boyfriend and girlfriend.  She is really nice, but kind of quiet.  I didn't realize it at first.  When i introduced myself and even when i talked about the book of mormon, she was really quiet so i thought maybe i was explaining it wrong or something.  No, she was understanding she just really quiet, but you can really tell she is really paying attention and thinking about what we are saying.  She, even, came to church and accepted a baptism date.  It was pretty cool to see.
Also this week, we had a very intresting lesson with Akakpo. He has been out of town so we haven't really been able to have a lesson with him.  We finally were able to this week.  He is very accepting and always asks a lot of really good questions.  We had a great discussion on what happens to all the people of Togo who had never heard of Christ according to our church.  He then explained to us how he has actually been part of many religions.  He said for a year he was muslim and for a while he was christian, so he says he really likes to accept everyone.  He also reads a ton.  He usually reads what we give him and thinks about it a lot.
Also we had an awesome lesson with our ami named Boris.  He also has been out of town.  He always seems to teach us, I think, more than we teach him.  He told us how he has seen the importance of repent and make restitution( i think because of his job as a dective.)  It reminded me that really i learn more here or my mission than i really teach.
This week also we have had a ton of mangez-vous which is awesome!  I sent a picture of one of them we had the other day.  Also i thought Nanny Jo would appreciate this story.  So we recieved this contact from Sister Jolie in our ward.  We went over to her house and had this great lesson with her neighboor named Chalome.  It helped so much that Sr Jolie bore her testimony a few times, you could tell it really made a difference for Chalome.  So hopefully good things will come from that.  This is the part i thought Nanny jo would like: afterward Sister Jolie invited us to stay and eat.  It happens quite often.  While we were waiting for the food, my campanion noticed that there were some mice in the house.  I didn't see it though.  Then i saw it and was so startled i jumped out of my chair.  My campanion was laughing so hard, sister Jolie came back in to see what was going on.  We told here that there was a mouse.  She said like ," oh yeah, it is pretty normal in Togo to have a few mice in the house everyonce in awhile.  Sometimes i wake up to find a few on the floor running around." She didn't really think anything of it. I guess since it has been so cold lately the mice tried to find some warmth.  I thought it was pretty funny.
So this week has been pretty awesome.  I had a lot of rendez vous.  It was also great to see people in the ward helping out so much.  It really makes all the difference. 

I sent a few pictures too.  I resent two from the baptism because i didn't know if they sent and also one with one of the little girls in our ward named badga.
Je vous aime,
Elder Corey Samuel Kimzey

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