Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Holy Cow- Eighteen year olds on missions that is awesome!

  Bonjour ma famille,
Okay to start off the whole changing of missionary age is blowing my mind.  That is really awesome!!  We don't get to watch conference for awhile but the couple came to our sacrament meeting and told us the good news.  People, here, are really excited about it too.  It still blows my mind.
So this week was great.  The baptism was really amazing.  We had a few amis show up for the baptism even though it was all the way out in Souza Netieme.  I send a picture of some of the people at the baptism.  I'm sorry Chantal(our ami who got baptised) wasn't in the picture.  I'll try to make sure at get the picture with her in it from my campanion.  So that was amazing part of the week.  Even her sister who usually leaves the house when we teach Chantal said that she might get baptized.  That was really great to hear.
Also this week we have some great lessons with our ami named Desiree.  He is like 15.  He is super intressed in the gospel.  He tells us that he watch this gospel channel on tv all the time.  On this channel there is a bunch of preacher from around Togo.  He always asking us why there is so many different churchs and they all believe different things.  This week we explained the Great Apostasy and the Restoration.  It seemed to really make sense to him.  We asked him about Baptism and he said that he wanted to but first he was going to pick a date.  So we are really excited for him.
Also this week we been teaching Cherita a little bit too.  She is a friend of a member.  She always comes to everything we invite her too.  She came to the Baptism and has came to 2 sundays.  We taught her most of the restoration so far.  She seems to be progressing really well.  She is super funny too.  The other day she was harassing us because we don't take Motocyle Taxi.  I was laughing pretty hard.
Also we have a new ami that is really intresting.  He is Muslim.  When we showed up for the first lesson, we asked if we could talk to him and his familly.  He ended up inviting like his whole parcel.  The next time we ended up teaching like 6 or 7 people all from different background.  It is just cool to know the gospel applies to everyone no matter what background. 
Also this week we had our interviews with President Weed.  He is really amazing.  I always just feel good about life when I talk to him.  Also Sister Weed is super nice.  She was trying to help teach some of the Elders in my appartment english. It was a really  good week overall.
Je vous aime,
Elder Corey Kimzey
(about the change in missionary age) I know , isn't it spectucalr to know though that we have a prophet we still recieve revelation?  Wow that is crazy to think how many missionary could be in our ward in June.  Yeah i loved my time at USU.  It helped me so much on my mission.  I think there are two many things i learned for my time at college.  One is just temporal stuff.  Like cooking and sewing- stuff like that.  You would be suprised how many missionary struggle with those things.  So maybe doing some things like that would help them.  Also i had to learn to just leave everything up to the lord, which was hard at first, but changed my life. 
I can't believe USU lost.  That just too bad.  My friend wasn't very happy that Fsu lost.  He was telling me before how this week was going to be an easy week for them.  I can't believe that we are already in peak xc season.  I can't wait to hear how they do.  Also tell coach Holt congrats, that is a pretty good time. 
Good to hear logan is doing good in the MTC.  I think they were starting to change the amount of mtc time when i was there.  I think for french now its only 6 weeks.  That would be so awesome if someone from our ward came to my mission.  It would even be better if we were in the same appartment. 
Thanks dad.  I really do love my mission.  I love all the times i get to study the scriptures.  I love the people here.  I wish you could just come and meet them.  I know you would love them too.  They are just so amazing.  The gospel really is true and changes lives.  Thanks for the prayers too.  I know it probably pretty stressful to think you have to prepare 6 missionaries.  But the great thing is all those priest are great missionaries already.  Also i start thinking of maybe some ideas of things i wish i had done before my mission to be better prepared.
 I love you dad a lot,
Elder Corey Kimzey
Don't worry Elder Corey works great. It reminds me of the Mtc they always got mad at us if we said hey guys.  Because we were Elders, not guys.  It took me a while to change that habit.  I still can't believe the whole change in missionary age.  It is crazy to think that now casey and i will be out at the same time.  I can't really wrap my mind around it.  The great thing is casey is going to be a great missionary.  I often think about how much more prepared he is than i was.  He really will do great. 
Also the change for girls is huge.  I think it is so much better.  I remember how hard for some girls to try to figure out what to do when they are 19.  I think it is great that girls can now just go on there mission.  I wonder if we are going to start getting sister missionaries. 
 I can't believe how intense you fitness class is.  I laughed pretty hard because of your physical fitness joke.   That is wierd to think that Casey and I could miss the lake.  At least think that would mean that there would only be 3 lake trips with out both casey and me.  I got chels' pictures.  They are really amazing.  Which one are they going to use for the invite?  Mom.. I love you.  I hope you know that.  I know it probably really hard to think that Casey could  be leaving on a mission soon but know that God calls though he has prepared.  I know he probably has preapred casey for a long time.  I'm sure he will great.  Also think of all the blessings with 2 missionary out at the same time.  I'm sure blessings kind of work like exponents.  The blessing will just skyrocket.  I love you mom.  I hope you have a great week. 
I love you more than the awesome foufou with tomato sauce and chicken i ate for lunch(which is saying something because it was really good),
 Elder Corey Kimzey 

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