Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Companion

Bonsoir Ma Famille,
Comment ca va?  Je vais tres bien. Also this week was really great.  My new companion,Elder Kalala, came wednesday.  Then Elder Makubu left thursday morning.  We had a pretty good week teaching.  I really like the way that my new companion teaches.  He testifies a lot.   We have a lot of fun together, it pretty awesome.
So this week we had a pretty amazing experience.  We have been teaching two women who are sisters.  One is named Chantal and the other is named Fafa.  They are really funny.  They run a little boutique and we teaches them as they sell stuff.  So they had promised us that they would come to church.  Church started and they weren't there, so we were kind of depressed about that.  So we were standing right outside the sacrament room because we had so many people at church, when we recieved a call.  It was Fafa and her sister looking for the church.  I guess they had been driving all around the quartier but couldn't find the building.  They ended finding it and were able to see part of sacrament meeting.  Then the craziest thing happened, a member that I didn't know came up to us and Fafa knew him.  I guess he was the Missionary who taught her 2 years ago.  He is actually from the Ivory Coast and happened to be visiting Togo that sunday.  It was pretty awesome.  He expressed to us how he was really excited that we are teaching her.  What are chance?  I mean i think we all know that that event wasn't by chance.
Also we have been working we Cherita a lot.  She is still planning on getting baptized the 27.  I sent some pictures of Elder Makubu, Cherita, and I before he left.  She seems ready.  We are pretty excited for her. 
Also today we went and played soccer at the unviersity with the elders from Adidgome and some members.  We had a lot of fun. It was super hot but that always makes it more fun.  Also we know have 6 missionaries in my apartment.  So we have a lot of fun. 
Also Desire has been progressing well too.  He is really accepting what we teach him.  We also have started to teach the other people in his parcel too.  So we are hoping He will be baptized soon too.
Well, all is going well.  I hope all is going well for everyone.  I am loving my mission.  I love hearing about everyone turning in their papers and how they are getting ready for their missions.  It is great to see.  I love you, even more than pie,
Elder Corey Kimzey

It's great to see corey's smile!
 Bonsoir Maman,
How are you doing?  It sounds like you had a crazy week.  How are your floors doing?  That crazy that you had to put a bunch of fans in the house to dry out the floors.  I'm sure you dominate your class.  That is great that you are really pushing yourself.  I mean that great you take a class that pushes you not just underwater basketweaving aerobics.  (wow-that's a random hickman phrase thrown in...)
(refering to the state xc meet last week)
  I can't believe that Saarel almost beat Luke's record.  I thought no one would get close to that one for a really long time... 
That is awesome they put in new pickleball courts.  We will have to play when i get back.  Although, you will probably beat me.  That is great you got a new calling too.  How do you like it so far?  Do you have many young women?  I think we have 7 or 10 for our whole branch. 
Yeah my week was pretty awesome.  I really do love the people here.  They are just really awesome.  It kind of make me sad just thinking that someday i will have to leave them.  I can't believe how fast time flies. 
I'm just love sharing the gospel with everyone.  This week we did a zone activity where we contacted people in a big intersection.  It was really fun.
I hope everything keeps going well.  I love you mom.  I hope everything is going well with Chels and her wedding too.  I love you more than Pie and cookies,
Elder Corey Kimzey

Hey Dad,
Life is pretty great in afrique.   I have to admit, I'm kind of sad about the wood floors.  At least you found some good ones to replace them. 
It sounds like you are way busy with your bishop duties...   I imagine that the church has tons of people turning in their papers. It kind of amazing.  I'm hoping we can get some more missionaries here, so that we can expand out into new areas. 
That is great you have been running more.  I probably need to start running more too.  I'll probably get back and be slower than tar...  That is crazy how fast the winner of the Half championships ran.  Most people, like me, would kill for a 13 minute 5k.  That is spectular. 
Life is going well with my new companion.  We really starting to get used to each other.  I like teaching with him a lot.  I'm really working on following the spirit, not just doing the same thing for each lesson.  It sometimes is easy to fall into a routine, but it is important to meet the needs of the investigator.
I love you dad.  Please, say hi to all the priest for me,
Elder Corey Kimzey

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