Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Almost 8 months!

 Bonjour Ma Famille,
Comment allez-vous?  J'espere que toute sois bien.(How are you? I hope that all is well) This week was very great.  We were planning on baptizing a few people this week, but they all could pushed back to next week, more on that later.  My companion and I are really getting along well.  He is pretty great companion.  He is from the Congo.  He is a pretty funny guy. 
So we have been doing a lot of OVB(ouvrir votre bouche,which is our version of door to door.)  But surprising we still taught a lot of lesson and have met some really amazing people.  Like this lady named Chantal.  We were talking to her and she was saying how she didn't speak french.  Although she said it in french.  I started talking to her and she spoke way better french than I do.  We gave her a brouchure and our number but she didn't seem that interested.  Then the next day we get a call from her saying that we needed to come over Saturday.  We met with her on Saturday but she wasn't really available because someone  in her family just died.  But she said that she wanted us to come back.  So we are hoping she will progress.  We had a lot of really great experiences with meeting people this week.
Also this week Cherita is probably going to be baptized.  She was going to be baptized this week but we still needed to teach some vital commandments and she happened to be sick this week.  Ca va aller.  (it is what it is) She says she is really excited for this next saturday. 
Also Desiree is going to be baptized this next week too.  He came to church an hour in advance just to make sure he was on time.  It was pretty cool.
Also this week we had a pretty crazy experience with Fafa and Chantal.  Fafa started off the lesson talking about how she didn't understand why our church meetings were different.  Why we don't dance and things like that.  I was kind of nervous that she didn't really like church.  Then we started talking a little about it and it seemed better.  Then she asked us if she could get baptized.  It was totally out of the blue.  She told us that she really wanted to be baptized.  So we set up a baptismal date for the 17th.  So I was really shocked but really happy at the same time.
So that was some of the great moments we had this week.  I hope it will keep going well here in Doumassesse.  It really is a great branch and I really love it.   I'm glad  to hear that everyone is doing well.  Also it is great to here that so many people have just got there mission calls.  What an exciting time! 
Je vous aime,(I love you)
Elder Corey Samuel Kimzey
Bonsoir, c'est comment?  Je vais bien. (Good evening,it's okay?  I am well) I'm sorry that technology isn't being your friend today.  You should  move to Africa, its awesome.  haha.  I got your photos.  It was great to see the house, but it was sad to see the floors all torn up.  It was pretty sad to see the floors.  But at least you will get a brand new floor.  I'm sorry to hear you were put kind of in disarray with your kitchen all over the house. 
  ...Yeah i heard Shayna got her call to Argentina.  That is so cool.  I also heard that Kara got her call to Hungary(I think)  That is really exciting for them.  I also heard that Logan got pneumonia in the Mtc.  Is that true?  I hope it gets better. 
...  That would be great if Casey went to USU.  I'm sure he would love it.  That is great he made Sadies Royalty.  Did he get to be in the play and everything? 
Yeah I'm sure life will be better next week.  Just think most people here have concrete floor their how life.  I'm sure your new floors will be awesome.  You'll have to send me a picture when they are finished.
 I love you mom.  More than pie, more than anything,
Elder Corey Kimzey 

Things are going great in Togo.  WE have a lot of new missionaries here.  I met the new american today.  He seemed kind of in shock still but I'm sure he will get over than soon. My new companion is awesome.  His name is Elder Kalala.  He is from the Congo but not Kinshasa so other town.  He has tons of Kids in his family(if i remember right its like 10)  His sister is on a mission in Kinshasa.  He really like soccer.  He has been out on his mission for 1 year and is our district leader.  Right now is the sunny season.  It is pretty hot. 
(refering to the kona ironman)Wow, that cool that an Australian guy won again.  They seem to always win.  That is too bad the American girl didn't win though.  I really liked her. 
It really seems like its going to be Alabama and Oregon for the National Championships.  Go ducks.  Is anyone else undefeated?  That is great that Alec got his papers in already.  Maybe he will go to the best mission on the face of the Earth: Benin Cotonou. That is so cool so many people are working on their papers.  I heard a few people have already got their calls. 
Advice for new missionaries:  I think i would tell them to first off be patient with themselves, especially if they are learning a new language.  Sometimes it might feel like you haven't really progressed, but if you look back you'll most likely see that you have progressed a ton.  Also make sure and do the little things.  Gain a habit of reading scriptures, praying, etc.  Also it is important to learn to talk with people because that what you will be doing all day long.  Also learn to do the temporal things too, your companion will be thank full that you did. That i guess some advice that i could give them.  I don't know if that helps. 
That sounds like really nice weather.  Here it is really hot, but that ok because  Ilove the heat haha.  HOw is the riding going?  That seems like a good idea to sell the porche.  What are you thinking of buying?  New carpet in the bedrooms would be good.  I can't imagine coming home now the house is going to look so different. 
I will definitely read that chapter.  It sounds like a really good one.  I'll tell you what i think about it after i read it.  One of my favorite chapter in the Bible is John chapter 9 about the guy who was born blind.  I think it is such a great one. 
Thanks dad.  I can't think of anything right now that i need.  I loved the things you sent last time.  I used all the drink mixes already, the beef jerky, and the peanut butter.  I would loved to maybe have a few more photos of the famille.
 I love you too.  I hope you have a great week.  Elder Corey Samuel Kimzey

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