Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Octobre deja? (october already?)

 Bonjour ma famille,
Comment ça va?  Je vais très bien.  This week was awesome.  We had a lot of great lessons and found a bunch of new amis.  This Saturday, Chantal will hopefully be baptized.  She has really been progressing well.  You can tell she really wants to be baptized too.  So we are hoping to finish all the lessons with her this week.
Also we have this awesome amie named Egenie.  Sometimes, I forget she is an ami because she knows so much about the gospel.  We haven't even had very many rendez-vous with her because she works a lot.  She reads a ton though.  She has already almost finished 2 nephi and she can explain it well too.  She, even, told us that someone asked a question in Church about the Godhead and she answered it.  She also has accepted a baptismal date.  I'm really excited for her.  She told us at the beginning how she has been praying to find the truth.  She seems so happy always to talk about the gospel.  She has so many questions for us.  She is really quite amazing.
Also this week, we have been teaching this young man named Désiré.  He is really awesome.  He is a contact from another ami actually.  He always asks a lot of questions.  We invited him to church, not really knowing if he would come.  He totally surprised us by coming to church.  He is really smart so i hope he keeps progressing.
Also this week we started teaching a new investigator named Chrita.  She is good friends with a recent convert.  It is so nice when the amis already have a friend at church.  She seemed so much more at ease.  Also at Church we had a surprise visit by President and Sister Weed.  They came because a bunch of members got their mission calls.  It was really fun to talk to them too.  I guess they are also come over tomorrow for interviews; so that should be fun.
So that was my week in general.  I'm sorry if the letter is really short.  Je vous aime beaucoup;
Elder Corey Kimzey
(I told corey that we went to cedar for his sister's engagement pictures and that the leaves were changing, and I asked him about the seasons there)
That great that Chelsea got to take her picture.  I can't wait to see them next week.  We don't really have season changes here.  Like right now it kind of the hot season.  It hasn't rained a lot lately except today it rained a ton.  We went to the marche to get all the food for the month and ended up getting soaking wet.  It was quite fun.  But it is really hard to tell the season changes because there isn't really changing of leaves and stuff like that.

On a side note- it's a very small world. It's a small, small world (sing along with me...)
Elder Danny Gillespie, one of the French Elders in Washington, DC that Elder Harding served with before he went into the MTC in 2009; friends with fellow Benin Cotonou Mission Elder, Corey Kimzey.
Danny ran with Corey on their High School Varsity cross country team, and Elder Harding served with Corey in Togo!

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