Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Transfers!!!! (um- wait- maybe not)

Chers Ma Famille,
Bonsoir,  so I'm doing really well.  So on Sunday, I got a transfer call.  I'm now leaving to Ablogome(which is in Lome).  I'm going to be working with Elder Bukasa.  He is from the Congo.  I heard he is really awesome.  So it should be really exciting.  It is really hard to leave Doumassesse because I have so many good friends and good memories here.  But I'm really excited for what the future.
So today was pretty awesome.  We played basketball at this Catholic recerational center.  It was really fun.  Also it was pretty hilarious because there was a 6'7" guy who is a member on the other team.  But you know with all my basketball skills it was pretty easy to guard him(yeah right).

This week was pretty good for teaching too.  I forget sometimes how lucky I am here.  I get to teach a ton. This week we have been teaching a new ami named Ida.  We met here through a pastor who stopped us on the street.  She is really smart.  She knows the bible and the doctrine really well.  She runs a little store and that's where we teach her.  We invited her to church and she came(she is the one in the blue dress in one of the photos) I'm really excited to hear what happens with her. 
Also our ami named Cherita is progressing well.  She is going to be baptized the 27th of October.  She is progressing really well.  She even came to church when she was going to leave town.  So she is progressing really well towards baptism.
Also i learned an important lesson this week.  That the more the lesson is geared towards the investigar, the more you look to help the person and not just check off another lesson, the more effective a missionary you really are. 
So everything is going really well.  I loved hearing from many of you.  I hope all is going well for you.  I'm loving being a missionary.  I know the church is true.  Je vous aime,
Elder Corey Kimzey

my mom's letter this week...

 Maman! just killed a man( just kidding but that queen song popped into my head when I wrote maman)
Je vais bien.  Comment vas-tu?  It sounds like you have been driving a ton which is even more fun through scenic Idaho.  I'm glad that your xc dinner went so well.  I always loved those.  I can't believe how much spaghetti you went through.  I guess runners do eat a lot. I'm kind of infamous for being a big eater compared to the other elders.  They always give me there let overs.
Well I'm glad casey ran so well even if we did lose to DH.  Ca va aller.  We will beat them at State which is the most important thing. 
I can't believe the kitchen flooded.  It is totally true that it always happens when dad isn't home.  I'm sure that was a great surprise for him.  I'm sorry that the floors are now kind of warped. I remember how hard we worked on those.  Hopefully the home insurance will help. 
That is awesome that you went to Logan.  Was there already snow on the ground?  Did you get to see the awesome book robot too?  I'm glad that Casey got to see it.  Maybe that will push him to go to the best school(usu.)  There is actually a few missionary here with me who are probably going to usu afterwards too.
I actually have heard of Rigby Idaho.  I think an elder is from a town near there.  His name is Elder Daryl Kent. Maybe they know each other(that would be a small world.) 
We do have primary programs.  I guess the primary has been practicing a lot for when the new building is dedicated.  Our primary is actually pretty big.  There is probably 20 to 30 kids.   
  I'm doing a lot better with the whole weight thing.  I lost most of the weight i gained.  So now I'm back to normal.
That is crazy to think that James is already back.
Well i thought I'd tell you.  I just got a suprise phone call that I'm not getting transferred.  That I'm actually staying in Doumassesse, but that my companion is leaving to Benin.  My new companion is Elder Kolala.  I know nothing about him.  So it should be fun.  I hope everything is going well.  Cheer hard at State for me.  I hope we do really well.  I love you mom.  I can't believe casey is already getting ready for his mission. He is going to be an amazing missionary.
 Je t'aime plus que tarte pour eternite, (I love you more than pie for eternity)
Elder Corey Kimzey

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