Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Short message- electricity cut today

Comment vas la meilleure mère de la monde?( How is the best mother in the world?-this week, I'll take it...) That is great to hear that Matt and Tyson both got their calls.   Sorry mom that this message is so late.  They cut the electricity for a few hours, so i'm sorry that this is a little late.  
I can't believe the other coach didn't know that rule.(long story of mom getting in trouble with a coach by helping the opposing goalie know not to pick up a ball if it is passed to her) That is kind of an essential one.  That kind of seems like a no win situation.  I'm sure deep down that the coach was happy you safed his goalie.  
I had to do the french test too.  And afterward they didn't say anything to me.  Usually if he is  really good at french they will have him go to the mtc for 2 weeks but most of the time that is just for people who are practically french.  
No,  my appartment doesnt have Airconditioning.  We do have fans for sleeping.  But sometimes they cut the electricity.  That is when it can be kind of hot.  
Don't worry mom.  I know that it is going to probably be difficle but the nice thing is you have double the reason to look for to monday.  Mom, also the nice thing is that even though i am a little ways away you can know that i love you and that i pray for you everyday.  I know that God will help you like always.  I read a talk(because as missionary that what we do for fun haha) the other day by President Ucthdorf.  He talked about keeping life simple.  It made me thing of you and how you always taught me to keep life simple.  It has definetly made it easier to be a missionary.
Ok this week was a pretty good one.  An amazing thing happened the other day.  We were just walking down the street and my companion told me that we should knock on a certain gate.  Which was funny because i had the same impression.  We happened to find a woman there that was open to our message.  We had a great lesson about the church of Christ and the apostasy.  She said that we could come back and talk with her and her husband.  What an invitation haha!  So we were looking forward to that because it is hard to find families.  When we got there we started talking about their concerns we had a great lesson about tithing and the law of chasity which lead into the restoration.  We definetly didn't plan on talking about all those things but it just seemed natural when we were there.  So we have another lesson this week so we are hoping it goes just as well.  
Also we started teaching a retired man the other day.  We had recieved his number from some other missionaries.  The first meeting he was open to us and explain to us many spirtual experiences of his life.  We left him a book of mormon but didn't really have time to explain hoping that maybe he would glance at it.  To our suprise, he had actually read a couple of pages and had some great questions.  I can tell that he is searching for the truth.  
So hopefully all will keep going so well.
Well, i love you mom.  Thanks for your example.  I wish you could just come and experience what a great place this is and how great the people are.  I love them. 
 Je t'aime even more than pie,
Elder Corey

How are you doing?  Things are going well.  I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well.  I hope you feel better soon.   That is good that Trevor is doing well.  Is Austin married already?  I'm glad that Danny is going back to USU  Hopefully we get to see each other there and maybe talk a little french.  
Thanks dad for the story about Edward Partirage.  I had never heard of him before.  It definetly proves that a recent convert can do so much.  I remember that we watched a talk of Gordon Hinckly on that.  He told church leaders that they needed  give a chance to recent converts even if they are inexperienced.  Afterward he said just think about the chance that God took with you.  It made me laugh, but it is true that all converts really do need a calling or a responsibily.  
I didn't know that Meg is already in the Mtc.  That is great.  Wow, 7 setting apart that is crazy.  I have to admit when i try to remember the blessings sometimes it is really hard.  I thought about that during sacrament meeting, because there was a missionary campanionship who confirmed 8 people last sunday.  I thought if he tried to do what my dad does that would be really hard.  But you did practically the same thing last sunday .  
Well, dad i love you.  oh also dad i wanted to ask another question about your mission.  In your mission were mostly americans or native chileans?  
I love you,
Elder Corey KImzey

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