Tuesday, April 16, 2013

330 days left!

Bonjour maman,
 Comment vas-tu? I can't believe that Casey barely missed it. That is a total heart-breaker. I'm sure that he will get it soon though. I will definitely pray for that. That is too bad that carli lost too. I guess that is how soccer works. Sometimes the better team loses. That is great that chels got a promotion at work. Is she still working for the girls home? Also tell amber félicitations for me. I can't believe she already has a baby. It is kind of crazy to think about considering she is just 6 months older than me. It is good to know that i will probably be back before Chels has a baby haha....
Answers to questions:
 1.When does your debit card run out? I was thinking it was soon and I need to get you a new one. Just let me know and I'll send one out, and when you get it, I will activate it.  My credit card runs out in June. So if you could renew that for me that would be really nice. Also i have no idea how much i even have in that account. So if you could maybe check that also.
  2. What is your most embarrassing moment so far?
Well, that is hard to say because there is so many. Well, there was the time that i threw up all over our building haha. or one time when i was in Fidjrossé they had cut the power so the streets were really dark. And here in Benin we have covered gutters, so the gutters are underneath the side walk. There happen to be a giant hole in the sidewalk. I fell into the hole but was able to catch myself before landing in the gutter. I have to admit that it was pretty shocking considering i was just walking down the street. It was really funny too because there was a lately who was across the street who said, yovo doucement. haha I was laughing pretty hard afterward.
3. what is the best attribute of your companion? 
My companion is really felxible. He is really open to doing things and is really open with me.
4. Carli wants to know what animals have you seen?
Well, i have seen some monkeys here. I see a lot of Dogs and Goats but that is probably not what she is asking huh. I can't think of anything really crazy i have seen. I think we might be going to the zoo sometimes soon in Porto Novo. So then i can say i have seen some crazy things.
5. Dad wants to know what your new apartment is like?
My apartment is pretty nice. It is more like a house this time. We have water most of the time too. Which is always a plus. We live next to the nation soccer stadium so sometimes there are concerts or parties there. It is pretty crazy how many people will come to a concert or a party.
 330 days left (if you leave on the 12th)- so make every minute count, and make as many testimony building memories as you can! Take tons of pictures!!!!!  I love you too. I can't believe how fast my mission is going by. I took a lot of pictures today because we had a suprise birthday party for president weed. It was my campanions idea. So all the missionary came and we had a small talent show and ate some cake. It was pretty great.
 Je t'aime aussi, Ton Fils,(I love you too, your son)
 Elder Corey Kimzey

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