Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Bonjour maman, Comment vas-tu? Est-ce que tu sais que je t'aime? Bon, même si tu ne sais pas, c'est vrai. (How are you? Do you know that I love you? Well, even if you do not know, it's true.)
Ok i'm not sure if i'm going to have time to write a general letter for everyone but i'm going to try and write you all first. I thought i would let you know also, that my campanion told me that i have forgot english. So it must be true what you have been saying. Wow, i can't believe all those people got engaged this week...(three High school friends got engaged this week) Also today we played soccer against the members because today is a holiday(easter monday) here. It was really fun. I will send pictures next week. Don't tell casey put we bought some awesome barcelona jersey to play in. So i got a sweet jersey out of it too. I actually got to play a lot. Also we tied with the members, which i think is the first time that that has happened since this mission was created. The missionary usually lose. It was awesome too, because it was a brand new missionary who scored who said he had never really played soccer before. It was pretty great. Then afterward a member invited us over to eat. We eat so much! She first served us aksa, which is kind of like a bitterish pate with tomato and beef sauce. And then she added okra and crab. It was my first time eating crab and it was pretty good. She gave us soda and beesap(which is a drink that is made with ukalispes) I though she was finished with that but after she gave us rice with some sort of lettuce and fish stew. It was amazing also. I was stuffed to the limit. It was really nice of her. She is so nice to all the missionaries Also we had a great lesson with an ami the other day. We had a great lesson on the church of jesus christ, the apostasy,and the restoration. It was a really powerful lesson. I really had a confirmation that the things that i was saying were true. ALso it seemed to make a lot of sense to her too. She even accepted to be baptized later this month. Well, maman. Je t'aime beacoup.beaucoup même. I miss you too. I wish that you could be here and just see how amazing it is here. I know that we will see each other soon though.
 Je taime plus que la tarte. (I love you more than pie)
 Ton fils, (your son)
Elder Corey Kimzey

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