Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Are you talking to me?

Bonjour maman,
Comment tu vas?  That is cool that the Atkinson's parents are going to the congo.  I told my companion and he told me that he will look for them when he goes home in a few months.  I'm sorry that you weren't feeling so well, but i'm glad that you feel better...
The food here is usually pretty spicy.  Especially if a Togolesse or Ivorian prepares.  They usually add a lot of Pima(which is kind of like a hot pepper)  It used to eat through my stomach but now i don't really notice it. haha.  
 (told corey that we were trying to design our backyard and did he have any requests)Yeah, i'm totally up for a jucuzzi. haha.   Dad said also that you thought of putting in a bocce ball court.  I think that would be awesome.
I heard conference was pretty good.  I'm hoping to have a chance to glance at a few talks.  We are pretty excited here because one of the new members of the seventy is from Zimbabwe.  yes!   
1. How is zone leader?  Do you have the sister's in your zone?
I have to admit being zone leader is a little weird.  The asked me to preside over a baptismal service the other day.  I have to admit i felt quite unprepared for that.  haha.  it went fine though. 
No, the sisters are in the other zone.  I guess we are suppose to have a 11 sisters by June.  How crazy is that?  
2.  Did you ever talk to the VanDuyses about Montreal?
Yes, they actually moved back to canada.  I'm not sure if they went back to montreal though.  Brother Vanduyse told me that it is a great mission .  It is pretty cold but really pretty.  He actually is a convert, so i told me he was actually baptized in that mission.  It sounds like a pretty awesome place.  
3.  How is the weather?  Has it started to Rain?
It actually rained for about Ten minutes yesterday.  It was pretty hot today.  But hopefully tommorow it will be cooler.  
4.  What did you do today?
Well, today was pretty action packed.  We went to the office of the mission so my companion could get his visa.  Then we went to the grand market and then we visited a member and ate with her.  So it was a pretty good day.  
5.  Tell us about one of your amies...
Well, we have been teaching these two sisters.  They are really funny.  It always suprises me the insightful things they say.  We were reading 2 nephi 31 with them, when we starting talking about how we need to have faith, repent, be baptized, ...  They seemed to be baring their testimony to me of the importance of those things.  I hope they keep progressing but we wil see.

I love you mom.  I hope you have a great week.  I love you more than pie.  J t'aime
Elder Corey

hey dad,
How was conference?  my week was pretty good.  
I can't believe you pulled an aprils fool joke on casey.  That is pretty funny.  Aunt Kristy told me that some friends of a kid that was waiting for his call decided to play a joke on him.  They sent him a fake call that said he was going to anatarica.   I thought that was pretty mean but funny at the same time.  
I am totally up for going to see in a race in france.  I will totally be your french translator.  Although, french people will probably find my french to be a little different.  I think that would be pretty fun.  
Yeah, i think you could totally live in africa.  You just have to pick the safe countries.  Like Benin and Togo are pretty safe.  Also Ghana is really safe too.  Also i think there are actually quite a few people who do that here.  Because it is cheap. Also i think i would definetly come and visit you often.  
I think it really is true that we need to be ready to serve at anytime.  This week i have been thinking a lot about Peter.  And how Jesus Christ asked him to give up everything and just follow him.  I was thinking how much i must also give all to him too.

I love you too dad.  I thought of you as i had to lead a meeting and someone turned to me and ask me if something was ok.  I thought is he talking to me.  I realized that he really was talking to me.  I'm so glad that i don't have to do that very often because it was kind of weird and kind of a lot of pressure haha.
 I love you a lot.  I hope you have a great week.  
Elder Corey Kimzey

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