Thursday, January 3, 2013

Nouvelle Année

Bonjour Tout le monde,
Comment ça va?  So this week was an intresting one.  We had a bunch of great lessons.  On Christmas we had a great time teaching a few of our amis about the importance of Christmas and what we can give to Christ as a gift.  We read Luke Chapter 2 with them and it made me thing about what an amazing experience that must have been for those humble shepherds.  How amazing it must of been for them to be invited to see Christ himself by a multitude of angels.  Then the thought came as we were teaching how aren't we all like the humble shepherds in the sense that we are all invited to come unto Christ.  It was something i think is very symbolic but so important.
Also this week, my companion got transferred to Togo.  So I recived my new campanion today.  His name is Elder Ta.  He is from the Ivory Coast.  He has been on his mission about the same time as i have.  I don't know him that well, but he seems like a great missionary.  It is kind of hard though because i have been in this area for only 3 weeks or so.  So I don't know the area that well but i sure we wander around till we find our amis house. 
Also we have some baptisms coming on the 12.  And we have some other amis who are progressing well also.  We also got to teach with Elder and Sister Semkens yesterday.  We are teaching an young couple who speaks English, so invited them to come over and help us.  I was so thankful that they were there.  It was nice to have someone else who also spoke English;  And also they were able to relate more to our amis because they are a couple themselves.  It was a great experience and hopefully one that will lead to the couple to keep progressing in the church.
Also we have been working a lot with a brother of a member here.  He already has a great testimony and wants to bear it in church already.  He has wanted to get baptized since the start.  He is a great ami and will hopefully kept doing what is right.  
It has been a great week.  We met a lot of new people that have been looking for the true church of Christ.  Or they are wondering why there are some many church today.  I think we definitely have a message for them.
Well, Je vous souhaiton un bonne nouvelle année. (I something, something a happy new year) 
Je vous aime beaucoup, Elder Corey Kimzey

 Bonjour maman,
comment vas-tu?  thank you for all the picture.  The other missionaries really liked that i happened to be at the wedding and in africa at the same time.  I really wish that i could have been at the wedding.  It would have been really great.  But i am really glad that i am here.  I have learned so much and hope to keep changing my life.  I hope i can always live up to the standard of being the son of such an amazing mother.  I love you a ton.  Even more than pie,
Elder Corey Kimzey
Hey, dad and mom
so the mission president has asked us to use less time at the cyber. (I'm not looking forward to this..)  So i'm sorry if i don't write all of you every week.  It sounds like Chels' Wedding went really well.  I loved the pictures that mom sent me.  The venue looked really good.  And all of you looked good too.  I'm glad the wedding went well also.  It sounds like it was short but sweet.  This week has kind of been a wierd one with the suprise transfer and all.  Also I had a great experience with an ami this week.  We decided to read Lehi's vision with her.  It seemed to be just the thing she needed.  She said that people of her village had been making fun of her because she had converted to christianity.  She said also that the story really helped her to understand that she just needs to hold on to the Iron rod and all will be okay. 
By the way it was really nice to talk to you on christmas.  It is so nice to know that everyone is doing so well.  Thank you so much for all you do.  I love you so much,
Elder Corey Kimzey

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