Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm dreaming in French

Bonjour tout le monde, (hello everyone)
Comment allez-vous?  This week was really a great one.  Omar and
Patrice got baptized.  It was a really neat experience.  They really
both really amazing people and have really made an impact on my life.
Patrice is a funny guy, but since the beginning has wanted to be
baptized.  I think it was maybe the first or second lesson when he
said that he wanted to do it.  So i'm really excited for him.  The
other is named Omar. We actually met him through his brother.  He had
been praying for a long time to find the path of god.  Then he started
meeting with us.  We gave him a book of mormon and he reads it all the
time. He loved it and always is asking questions and sharing his
insights with us.  He talks to his friends already about the church
and he has a great testimony.  I'm sorry if it seems like i'm bragging
or something to that effect.  But it really isn't me who brought this
about.  I guess my point is that the gospel really changes people.
That this two recents converts are just a drop in the bucket of all
the cool gospel stories i get to hear and see everyday.  I'm so
thankful for my mission and so thankful that i can see the power of
the scriptures and the holy ghost working in people's lives.  Such a
great week!
Also another funny story from this week was that we had a lesson with
my english-speaking ami.  He is a really nice guy and speaks english
really well.  The probably was that i can't speak english anymore.  At
points i had to pause for a good long time because i couldn't think of
the word in english.  Even the other day, i think i used the phrase
more stronger?. (insert carli's cringe) Hopefully, english we came back to me someday haha.
This week, i really have experienced parts i will never forget.
I love you all and i'm so thankful for  the prayers and all you do.
 Je vous aime plus que tarte, (I love you more than pie)
Elder Corey Kimzey

Had to post this- wow- english....gone! 

Bonsoir maman,
Comment vas-tu?  et Comment va-tout le monde?(how are you?  and how is everyone is everyone?)  It sounds like you are having a blast in Disneyworld.  The week went really well.  I'm
actually still in Fidjrossé and i'm actually the senior  campanion.
We work really well together.  I have to admit that sometimes it is
easier to talk in french than it is in English.  I was talking to an
english speaking guy the other day and i couldn't remeber english at
all.  I couldn't remember how to say things like garden and eve and a
bunch of other things.  It was super funny.  Sometimes i do have dreams
in french and sometimes in frenglish even.
I have to admit i don't remember much of DisneyWorld.  Sometimes when
i would look at the photos i could remember a little and kind of how i
That is great that you saw all those african things.  I hope they had
some Beninois Dancers, because their culture dance is kind of
awesome/funny.  It kind of look like they are doing the worm standing
up.  I love it.
  The Hoop de Doo revue, sounds fimilar although i can't put a memory with a name.  Is
that the thing with tons of Basketball hoops?  I'm so glad that you
had a ton of fun.  I can't wait to get the full report.  This week was
really great.  I which i could really explain to you all the things
that go on and all the great cultural things.  But it is so hard to
explain through Email.  One thing that i thought you thing was cool is
that people always are super nice to guest.  They often give water and
Well, i love you a lot.  I kind of have to go.  Elder Corey Kimzey

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