Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It seemed to click

Patrice and Omar

Bonjour ma famille,
Comment allez-vous?  So this past week went really well.  We have been working a lot with members this week, so that has been great.  It always helps so much to have a member come along.  We have been working a lot with this one family.  They have a ton of teenagers and seemed to be really progressing.  At first, I was kind of worried that they were just listening to us because they are nice people.  But, this week we taught them about the Plan of Salvation.  A recent convert came with us and really helped us explain it.  It seemed to click with them and clarify things that they had always wondered.  It kind of reminded me of a part of preach my gospel(I think its preach my gospel?)  where Boyd k Packer says that as one learns about the gospel, seems with ring a bell for them.  It is because they were taught the gospel before the earth was created.  I sorry, I probably totally misquoted an apostle but i believe it something along those line.  Either way, it was a great experience.
Also this week we had interviews with President Weed.  It was great to talk to him and to see what he thought the mission could improve on.  Right now, he is making a big push about using the book of Mormon more in our teaching.  It is very important, because i have found that for the most part the people who read, pray, and come to church really make a change in their life.  Well, that was kind of my week.  I hope all is well chez vous. (at home)
  Je vous aime beaucoup,
Elder Corey Kimzey
I sent a photo of my baptism of last week(omar is on the right and patrice is on the left), also i sent a photo of the apple pie Elder Ritchie and i made for christmas.  I thought you would think it was pretty funny.

(excerpt from mom's letter)

Yeah, up north can be kind of nasty!  I'm glad that i get to come back to St george not nothern utah because coming from hot humid africa straight to inversioned northern utah would be really hard.  I think my realse date is March 12th normally.  That is atleast what my evangliste card says.  I will have to look into that.  We have been getting a bunch of new missionaries.  Mostly beause a bunch are about to leave.  One is actually from Cedar City.  His name is Elder Shumway.  It pretty crazy to think that we live 45 minutes apart but we haven't met until we came half way around the world.  I thought i would ask you too if there was any thing cool that you wanted from here.  I think we are going to Dantokpa in a week or two, so i thought i might pick up some fun stuff.  It pretty funny because some of the stuff is totally counterfeit.  They will sell 120 wristwatches for 4 dollars.  I have bought a few soccer jersey.  I was wondering if casey would want any.  I bought a Paris SAint- Germain Jersey with the shorts for 5 dollars.  I know that they have a bunch of arsenl stuff too.
How are things going? I'm really have been loving this ward and the people of Fidjrossé.  They are amazing.  We have been trying to help recent converts and less actives too because our ward is mostly of recent converts.  The amazing thing is as we work with them, it has helped us to find new people and have even a better realtionship with the ward.
Ok, mom i have kind of a favor to ask.  Could you maybe look at CTR rings?  An Elder asked me about their prices.  So nice time you have to got to Desert Book could you just look at the prices for me?
Mom, i really love you and thank you for always been a great example.  I felt like L tom perry in the sense that i am proud to be call your son.
  I love you more than all the pie in the world,
Elder Corey Kimzey

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