Thursday, January 3, 2013

C'est la saison de Noel

Comment ca va?(How are you?)  Je vais tres bien parce que Noel va arriver bientot.(I'm very well because Christmas is coming soon)  So this week was really great.  We had zone conference this week with all the missionaries in Benin.  A member from the Seventy who is the 1st Counseuler for the West Africa.  His name is Elder Curtis.  His wife came along too.  So it was really great.  We recieved lessons from Pres. Weed, Sister Weed, Sister Curtis, and Elder Curtis.  It was a highly insightful day.  Sister Curtis talked about prediciton of Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon.  Elder Curtis also talked about the Book of Mormon.  He asked all of us what we thought were some of the great chapters in the book of Mormon.  For me it was 2 nephi chapter 9.  It was amazing when everyone started to name of great chapter, we realized the great knowledge we recieve from the book of mormon.  Then he asked each one of us to make a list of great chapter in the Book of Mormon and why they are important.  I thought it was pretty inspiring. 
This week has been going really well.  We taught my English -speaking ami a little bit this week.  It is kind of intense(Do you know what else is intense? Sleeping Bags sorry it just reminded me of that pun)  It is a little harder because i have to translate between my companion and the ami.  He is progressing really well though.
We also have started teaching a new ami name Lorence.  She said that she has gone to a lot of church and  has been baptized a few times too.  But she doesn't know what church is true.  She said she had been praying to find the true church.  I was so excited.  We explained the Restoration and asked if she thought that our visit was an answer to her prayers.  She said that she thought it might be.  What an  amazing experience! 
Also we have been teaching this student who came here from another country. He is progressing so well and loves the gospel.  He comes to church and even reads out of the book of mormon every night. He seems to know so much about the gospel already and we have only taught him 4 times.  It is crazy how people are just prepared.
Bon je vous aime beaucoup, et je vous souhaite une joyuese saison de Noel, (I love you very much, and wish you a happy christmas season)
Elder Corey Kimzey
Bonsoir maman,
Comment vas-tu?  Joyeux Noel!  Merci for chelsea's bridal pictures.  They turned out really well.  I like them a lot. Chelsea looks very beautiful(like usual.)  That is so cool that they took pictures at the Harris' house.  I think the chance are really one in million.  They seemed to turn out really great and i'm sure they will be a great keepsake.
That is good that Chels' Bridal shower went well too.  How is Reann doing?  That was nice of her to put on a bridal shower.  I also like your twist on the ward christmas party.  We are having our ward christmas party this saturday.   I guess that Elder Ritchie and I are making an American Dish for Everyone(yeah don't ask me what one would consider an american dish)  We have been thinking about making some form of apple pie or apple tart but without an oven it makes it more diffcult.  Also all the  missionary  are going to sing"the first noel."  Then the next day we are suppose to sing again for sacarment meeting.  I think we are going to sing "a little town of Bethlem" for that meeting.  It should be fun considering i cant hold a tune to save my live.  Good thing some of the missionary in my district sing very well. 
That is unbelievable sad to hear the story of the little kids in Conneticut.  It really is unimaginable.  It just so sad.  I'm sorry for those parents...(insert corey's political views here)  I'm sure everyone will be praying for those parents.
I told corey that I had taught a lesson in YW on talents, and asked him what he thought his talent was-Talents?  I guess one of my talents is that i like learning.  It really helps on my mission.  I'm sorry if that sounds really lame but it is something i think is important.
I love you mom way more than pie,
Elder Corey Kimzey

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